LOOJANG is a light art installation by Spectra & Space. 'Loojang' (Estonian for sundown) is a visual interpretation of the setting sun – the brief, yet spectacular transition time from day to night. 
The visual sequence of the artwork is a continuous loop of 10 minutes, creating mesmerising light-play on the surface of the water. 'Loojang' is expressing a visual narrative of continuous echoes of sundowns and blue hours, tied together with the green flash – an optical phenomenon that occurs shortly after sunset or before sunrise. The 30 meter artwork is on display throughout the winter months at Noblessner quay waterfront, illuminating the area as a reminiscence of the beloved summery Noblessner sunset location. 
The installation was realised in collaboration with Kai Art Center – a leading contemporary art center in Estonia; and Digital Sputnik, the innovative LED light fixture producer. 'Loojang' is exhibited at Kai Art Center (Peetri 12, Tallinn, Estonia) from December 2020 until March 2021.